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The name is Emelyn. She love her father a lot. She's a photography lover. She's an aspiring multimedia designer. Just a girl who still waiting for the miracles, waiting to achieve her dreams ♥




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    Date: Sunday, November 21, 2010
    Time: 1:44 PM
I Support TcMaine

    as you can see, my blog already died.
    but I'm now here to blog for her, Chammaine!
    okay cut the crap, hope she win this thing!

    I support TCMAINE.

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    Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010
    Time: 11:35 PM
it is just so hard to explain

    ... and yes, not everyone is a 'mind-reader'.

    I'm sick of people telling me I'm so emo, because that wasn't a fact.
    yes, I did have a not so happy past in this year but things ended, and I'm good now.

    everything that I posted, they interpret it as an emo post.
    so means I have to put all kinds of emoticons behind every sentences that I wrote to prove I am not in this emo situation? Like this :D ?

    wondering why everyone hates emo?
    not all emo people are cry babies or suicidal.
    besides, what is emo to mean to you might be totally different from others.

    and then I realized, all these judgmental issue is very personal.
    it is about what you've learned in your life, your thinking, how you want to think differently and be critical (specially in designing line), how you interpret things and etc.
    well guess I have to thanks my Media Cultural lecturers for turning me into this 'creature'.
    not a bad thing at least the things I see is different from what you've see.
    that makes me so unpredictable and mysterious (again, it wasn't emo).

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    Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010
    Time: 1:01 AM
our purple cheese cake nails!

    I love it. She love it. We love it.

    it's sem break and finally I blog!

    the day (911) started good and turned bad after that.
    it was my dad's birthday and also one memorable day to me.
    but dad fucked my day up later when I was discussing something with him! ptfff!

    anyway, finally realized what is so called 'Photography'.
    what I've did was so sucked and fucked. FML
    I'm going to delete all my previous works from my hard disc!
    let's kick start from zero!
    is not easy to create an awesome portfolio, but one day I will!

    ... someday

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    Date: Saturday, August 14, 2010
    Time: 1:19 AM
the hair is ♥

    Malene Knudsen for Vogue Russia August 2010 by Benny Horne

    I'm dying for her hair!
    die die also want this flows lor!

    dear hair, please do a better job! :C
    * touching my hairs *

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    Date: Saturday, August 7, 2010
    Time: 4:18 AM

    dear diary, miss me?

    a latest picture of me, Miss Emelyn.
    still good, breathing but gained lots of weights.
    life has been good, repeating the same routine as usual.
    spent pretty much time in college lately due to finals.
    and yes, still partying as usual as that's the way I distress.

    things changed too fast and after few months, I still couldn't accept this reality.
    how good if things were planed well and perfectly.
    not to blame him, I never ever thought about this in my life.

    I don't even dare to ask because I know that's IMPOSSIBLE.
    is miracle exists? I'm think I'm gonna give up.
    seriously need some new excitement, everything is so dull-ish!

    goodbye dream land